Centauroos founding team consists in a group of 3 Architects, Marco Galasso, Giovanni Marinelli and Roberto Cognoli, with extensive experience in sustainability, Urban Planning, Parametric Architecture and Robotics

Marco Galasso

Architect, with more than 10 years of experience in Italy and the Netherlands, working on the topic of sustainability in the urban environment, will be leading the research team and the overall operation.

Giovanni Marinelli

PhD Architect, teaching at UNIVPM in Ancona, has been involved and promoted several research trajectories on urban regeneration, working in close contact with municipalities in central Italy.

Roberto Cognoli

PhD candidate, Architect, with an ongoing research project on digital fabrication and robotic production at UNICAM, Ascoli Piceno. Currently visiting fellow at Create SDU in Denmark.

Daniele Berdini

Alex Cerullo

Phd Candidate, Civil Engineer, currently working on the topic of integration of recycle aggregate for 3D concrete Printing